Complete Renovation / Interior Design

Comfort and optimization of the space!

We assure your renovation from start to finish: concept, design, architectural finalization, construction and completion.

Active : 220 projects

All our projects are made from preliminary studies.

Four interior designers are constantly working on the design of unique interiors.

They then ensure the coordination and the follow-up of each building site until the realization.

We operate mainly in Paris and in the area known as ‘premiere couronne ouest’ (Hauts de Seine). The square meter is precious there.

As specialists in custom home design, we favor space optimization, volumetry and integrated fitting.

Special attention is paid to circulations, axles, symmetries, clean lines, and balance.

Our direction: minimalism, nobility of material, homogeneity.


– Standard : Designing and producing our Standard level of renovation

– Customized : Designing and producing customized interiors

– High-end : Designing and producing customized interiors with high-end finishes

      Renovation Approach

          First step :

Project Design Phase (existing plans, projected plans, demolition plans, cuts and elevations of the kitchen and bathrooms, plan of electricity, technical descriptions, final 3-D perspectives) give a clear vision of the renovation.
– On-site visit with our interior designer to establish the project feasibility before the works begin.
– Analysis of requests, objectives and technical constraints.
Project Design delivered in digital and hard copies

– Description of the project according to each trade (demolition, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, stone-layers, cabinet-makers, painters etc.)*
– First precise budget for the project by the tradesmen*
*working session : no document submitted


          Second step:

  • Cost estimate: 350 € HT(deductible in case of confirmation) for surfaces 30 m2 or smaller/500 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for any area between 30m2 and 60mp2/750 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for any area between 60m2 and 130m2/1000 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for any area between 130m2 and 200m2/ 1250 € HT (deductible in case of confirmation) for surfaces 200 m2 or larger.
  • Interior decorating: Choice of paint colors, countertops, parquet, polished cement, cabinetry, lighting, mirrors, glasswork, bath fixtures and plumbing, kitchen and baths, fabrics, moldings etc.).
  • Style boards: complete with paint and fabric samples.
  • Coordination of the tradesmen’s schedules.
  • Project execution assured by our teams and supervised with care until the final delivery.