Herold Design – Interior Design – Delivered Project -Madeleine Studio2018-12-18T12:33:29+00:00

Beautiful studio, ‘à la Japonaise’

-Original old room with full reconstruction after project design
-Cabin shower room
-Custom built niches
-Customized dressing room
-Finish frontage contemporary Wenge
-Ceramic products ‘TOKA GROUND’
-Fittings custom-made by ‘CRISTINA’
-Shower screens ‘KINESTONE’
-Towel dryer ‘KADRANE’
-Accessories by ‘COSMIC’
-Custom-made console and ‘tablet’
-TV system ‘in the mirror’ by PZ
-Sockets and Switches by ‘NIKO’
-Lighting ‘Lumen Center’ by ‘NOVA LUCE’
-Bed in black birch by ‘EME’
-Custom blinds by ‘CONTREJOURS’