Customized 2 room apartment as a hotel

Original old apartment in a XXth century building
Full reconstruction after project design
Joinery and fittings by HD
Creation of integrated storage
Creating a Wall Decor Clay
Flooring ‘Antiquaire’
Custom made kitchen ‘Face to Face’
Italian shower room all ‘Romanza Mix’
Built-in fittings ‘ONDYNA ‘
Washbasin by ‘ALLIA’
Lever mixers by ‘NOBILI’
Mirroring ‘Brugnon’
Lighting by ‘Decorwalther’, ‘Marset’et ‘Artemide’
Suspensions by ‘Terzani’
Wall lights by ‘Studio Design Italia’
Accessoires by ‘Brunella’
Finish flat varnish ‘Moonlight’, ‘Vison’ and ‘Gentleman’