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Design boutique

-Workshop in a XVIIth century building
-Full reconstruction after project design
-Joinery and fittings by HD
-Creation of custom extrusion blocks in stone
-Marbled floors by ‘Atelier Delalande’
-Creation of a mini bar / equipment ‘CHAL-TEC’
-Creation of a ‘HURUS’ bathroom
-Recessed tap fittings by ‘ACQUERELLI ‘
-Washbasin by ‘SCARABEO’
-Recessed fittings by ‘NOBILI’
-Mirroring ‘Brugnon’
-Decorative clay appearance rust by ‘Véronique Lamothe’
-Lighting ‘Catellani and Smith’ and ‘Vibia’
-Switches by ‘FONT BARCELONA’
-PC and RJ45 ‘NIKO’
-Trimmings by ‘ELITIS’
-Media and WEB by ‘Samsung’
-Roller blind and winders with remote control ‘Contrejour’
-Mechanical engineering by ‘CETIC’
-Safety by ATL and FDA
-Accessories by ‘Brunella’ and ‘Olivari’

Avenue de New York

Saint Honoré

Avenue Foch