2 room apartment as a hotel

-Old workshop in a building constructed at the beginning of the 17th century
-Full reconstruction after project design
-Joinery and fittings by HD
-Built-in storage
-Dress room ‘Noir de Lune’
-Wall Decoration by ARTE
-Contemporary hardwood floor
-Fully customized kitchen dinatory console in Corian
-Stone sculptures by ALIX
-Extrusion ‘Alexandre the Great’ by ALIX
-Italian bathroom by’AFRESHI’
-Twin Washbasin
-Cabinet by T.Guillemin
-Custom desk by HD
-Mirroring and glassware by the ‘Brugnon brothers’
-Lighting by ‘Hind Rabii’, ‘Decorwalter’
-Suspensions by ‘Terzani’
-Wall lamps by ‘Studio Design Italia’
-Accessories by ‘CROMO LUCIDO’
-Furniture selection by HD
-Lacquered finish ‘Beach’

Costes – Etienne Marcel


Avenue Foch

Jardins du Luxembourg