Architect House, 200 m2 + extensions

– Total restructuring after study project
– Creation of a custom terrace any IPE
– Reception ‘Metal X’ from ARTE
– Custom canopy
– Joineries and integrated layouts by HD
– Dressings by ‘Quadro’
– Contemporary fireplace
– Custom kitchen ‘HEVEA’
– Custom extrusion desk by J. Foltynowicz
– Italian washroom finish ‘Purple’
– Recessing from ‘Cristina’
– Mirror by the ‘Brothers Brugnon’
– Suspensions from ‘Studio Design Italia’ + ‘Roger Pradier’ + ‘Lumen Center’
– Wall lights from ‘Studio Design Italia’
– Accessories ‘CROMO LUCIDO’
– ‘White Tennis’ lacquer finish


Avenue Foch

Jardins du Ranelagh


Avenue Foch